Three Page Website

Introducing Antoinette’s Hair Salon – now with a brand new, user-friendly website! The previous site was a bit challenging to maintain and update, prompting the need for a quick yet effective solution. In just a short period, I transformed the three-page site into a modern and functional platform, leveraging WordPress and the versatile Divi builder.

The layout features overlapping sections, testimonials, a gallery neatly tucked into the footer, a dedicated contact page, and convenient in-page dot navigation. The result is a sleek and efficient website that not only looks great but is also easy for Antoinette to edit and maintain.

Collaborating with Antoinette was a delight, and her satisfaction with the new site is a testament to the success of the project. The revamped website now reflects the charm and professionalism of Antoinette’s Hair Salon, providing a seamless experience for both the salon owner and its visitors.

Tools:  WordPressDivi Theme Builder and Divi

Budget: 1200$

Time: 2 weeks


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