Multi Page Site

Meet Bobcat Painters – a fantastic DIY project crafted by Charlie and Ian a few years ago. Eager to give their online presence a modern touch, they enlisted my help to revamp the entire site. Opting to keep it on Wix, a platform they were already familiar with, we embarked on a journey to reimagine and enhance their digital footprint.

The result is a beautiful and straightforward site that mirrors my inclination for designing layouts that are both simple and elegant. Inspired by Charlie and Ian’s ideas, we transformed their website into a more complex space, featuring overlapping designs, a striking black and white theme with an accent color, and multiple services pages. The site is now fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The Bobcat Painters’ website is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative evolution.

I also provided guidance to Charlie and Ian on utilizing the layouts, modifying them, and entering content consistently to maintain a polished look. Our collaboration doesn’t end here – we’ll be working together on future projects. 

Tools: Wix

Budget: 1900$

Time: 2 weeks

Link: www.bobcatpainters.com

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